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Working on a Grad Cert in Tertiary Teaching and Learning

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So we're having a meeting this afternoon about the pretty impressive programme being developed here called graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching or GCTLT for short, or "tender loving teaching" for fun.

I have presented notes on a student generated content model. After talking broadly about what form that model might take, we then started talking about the course as it might look in the learning management system. Unfortunately we found it very difficult to get to any tangible to do list, or concrete concepts as far as the online support for the course goes. We did talk about ideas and issues generally though, attempting to grasp what the menu in the course might look like, and how we might use the common features like forums. I think we resolved that it would be useful to take hold of a few shells in the LMS and build the courses as we each see them, then discuss what we are attempting to achieve as a group. Having this very hands on approach will help us conceptualise the course as it is presented in the LMS more clearly.

Some quick notes on initial thoughts and ideas:

  • There will be an over all learning guide. Then smaller learning guides for each of the courses.
  • There will also be an over all general announcements forum, then separate forums for each subject.
  • Each subject will be self contained as a course on the LMS, in as much as links and resources, contact information, and forums will be listed in the main menu of each subject and not be contained in a space separate from the subject.
  • We will trial the use of collaborative social bookmarking for recent and current resource management.
  • We will plug in EDC workshops to support extra curricular learning (such as development of digital literacies) for this course.
  • Teachers will be called facilitators.
  • We will attempt team facilitation. Each facilitator will plan, monitor and evaluate their work with this course, (such as the individual development of LMS contained subjects) and feed back into the GCTLT team over all for group discussion and feedback. We are considering the benefits of facilitators journaling their efforts, thereby enhancing their team facilitation with online communications. A kind of peer review process using tools such as blogging for formative reporting, and then extracting exerts from those blogs for a summative report.

We have a tight time frame to find an agreed approach to the online components to the GCTLT, but it may appear that we have until May at a stretch. However dates for any face to face introductions between learners and facilitators will need to be arranged by the end of this week. In my opinion we should ask each facilitator to take ownership of their subject and develop an LMS interface as soon as possible, so that we can come together around that initial work and assist each other with further ideas and development.

4 Responses to “Working on a Grad Cert in Tertiary Teaching and Learning”

  1. Blogger bronwyn 

    re the learner-generated resources for GCTLT. I think it is a great idea, but Terry thinks there needs to be a mix i.e start people off gradually with some readings and other resources. then introduce the idea of them creating resources to pass on to others.

    As long as we stick with integrating content, activities, communication and assessment, I am of the opinion we should start learner generationas soon as possible. In the very first session, I would like to introduce the idea of the learning contract - where each person negotiates goals and activities for what they want to achieve in the course.

    This would help us gauge their level of confidence with flexible learning as well as digital literacy. Then we can set up supports and mentoring on an individual basis.

    I need to go back to the notes from last week's planning meeting as we had quite afew actions and I can't remember them now.

  2. Blogger bronwyn 

    the Australian Flexible learning framework - Designing e-learning has some very useful resources and a gallery of strategies - a guide to adding the 'e' to learning programs. At:

    It also has:
    1. Learning Design - show-and-tell stories of successful e-learning, plus guidelines
    2. Assessing Online - a comprehensive step-by-step guide for VET professionals

    A must see site in my book for beginners to e-learning/flexible...possibly stuck in the web 1.0 model but may get people comfortable. Moving people straight in to web 2.0 models could be extremely scarey and needs care. I guess its like the saying "you need to crawl before you walk" some do and others go straight to walking....they may fall down a lot, but they keep getting up and trying.

  3. Blogger Leigh Blackall 

    Hi Bron, I agree that we should start learner generated content asap - remembering the added benefit of the learning various digital literacies as well as the topics in the Grad Cert.

    I don't think these "web 2" approaches, or learner generated content models are at all new, perhaps its because of the new name that they seem hard... I'd accept photo copied hand outs as learner generated content at this stage.. over heads, lesson plans,,, anything, then use that as a start towards digital content.

  4. Blogger bronwyn 

    this sounds very flexible leigh and would be part of the negotiated learning contract. It may be more work for us at the start, but I prefer working that way. OK I wont be scared of the term web 2.0 then.

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